About Us

Welcome to Aviation Elementary

Photo of two students in class with glow-in-the-dark lighting
Located in the Hollyglen area of the City of Hawthorne, CA, Aviation Elementary is the proud home of the Aviation Elementary Bulldogs.

Our Vision: "Aviation Elementary is a place where students, staff, and community members engage collaboratively in equal learning opportunities, reflecting a well-rounded curriculum, positive values, and a problem solving mindset, which results in personal best, school spirit, and a firm foundation for life-long learning."


Meet our CARE Team

Our school counseling department consist of a team of dedicated professionals committed to developing a school climate that is respectful, positive, accepting, and safe for students of all backgrounds. We call ourselves the CARE Team because our goal is to provide Counseling and Access to Resources in Education(CARE).


Suggestion Box

Aviation Elementary's goal is to work collaboratively with our parents and community. Please feel free to share your thoughts and comments with us. Your feedback is vital to our success! 

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