Other Curricular Areas

The learning environment of Wiseburn supports the goal of excellence for all students in learning a rich, meaning focused, curriculum promoting high academic standards and equal access to this curriculum. Support services are designed to ensure that each student actively participates and that early intervention strategies and necessary resources are available for student success. All curriculum, instruction and materials are aligned to the California State Content Standards.

The Wiseburn Unified School District uses McGraw Hill Wonders series as the core program for Language Arts and My Math for Mathematics. The process for planning, monitoring, and improving is continuous and focused on student learning and increased academic success.In Mathematics, we continue to deepen our understanding of mathematical concepts and practices through the lens of Cognitively Guided Instruction (CGI). The CGI philosophy emphasizes a student-centered approach to teaching mathematics that focuses on problem-solving, collaboration, and reflection. Students and teachers engage with concepts at a deeper level and utilize a wide variety of strategies to demonstrate their learning and understanding.